澳门金沙手机版, 后来被命名为了望山基督教学校, 1970年9月开学,当时有23名学生, 全职校长, 一个慷慨的, 好客的教堂, 一个有远见的董事会, 以及一小群渴望真正以基督为中心的父母, biblically-integrated education 和 willing to work hard to make the vision become a reality.

第一年结束时,还是7-12年级的学生, but the vision of the parents in the school association 和 the dedicated members of 董事会 of trustees kept the young organization alive. 两名全职教师加入了第二年的工作人员. 初中生和高中生, 在校长和老师的指导下, worked to build a school life with the same enthusiasm which might characterize a much larger school.



  • 50年

In 2020, we celebrated 50 years of God’s faithfulness to 澳门金沙手机版 (澳门金沙手机版). As we looked back over the past 50 years, we saw God’s astounding provision for the school. 在最好和最具挑战性的时期, God’s steadfast love established the foundation on which thous和s of 学生 和 families were able to learn 和 grow. 为了庆祝,我们做了一个 五十周年纪念影集纪念的书 to remind our community of treasured moments in times past 和 encourage them for the present 和 future of 澳门金沙手机版.

1970 - 1988年的增长

Dr. 杰克·芬内玛在学校成立的头两年里为学校指明了方向和精神, 和 later in the school’s history he returned for another two years as principal following the tenure of Joel 茨. 增长缓慢, the school continued to include the upper grades in various locations on Lookout Mountain under the able leadership of Fennema, 茨, 第三个原则, 山姆DeHaan. 在最初的十年里, the instructional program was part of an electronic network incorporating Christian schools as far away as New Jersey 和 Iowa. Students were instructed by off-campus teachers through headphones at study terminals 和 participated in remote discussions with other 学生 和 teachers. 因为每个参与学校都为网络提供了几名教师, 学生 in each school also had “live” instruction in some subjects with their own school.

开始四年后, 澳门金沙手机版的第一届学生毕业了, 1974届毕业生, 就像接下来的课程一样, 所有最初的毕业生都上了大学. 随着越来越多的家庭加入这所学校, 澳门金沙手机版 left the network 和 provided its own quality 教师 for on-site instruction 和 began to consider the dem和 to add elementary grades.

1978年秋天, 澳门金沙手机版 opened its elementary division on Lookout Mountain 和 the following year added a 6th grade to make the school a complete K-12 program. 很短的一段时间, 澳门金沙手机版 also offered a preschool program called “The Nurture Center” for 学生 from ages 2 to 5, 但在1984年关闭了这家分店. Dr. Bruce Hekman served as principal during those intervening years 和 directed the school’s curriculum, 教师, 学生群体.

Don Holwerda followed Hekman in 1981 和 began nearly three decades of growth 和 expansion which moved the school from rented space to its own campus 和 increased enrollment to over 1,000名学生. 另外, 在此期间,学校建立了平衡的预算, 主导的资本扩张, 并开始捐赠学校.

1988 - 2009年合并为一个校园

The 澳门金沙手机版 vision exp和ed in 1982-1983 with the dramatic move from Lookout Mountain to a permanent location on the Broad Street campus (now Charger Drive). 这是信心和完全倚靠神的一步. Feeder elementary schools were established on Lookout Mountain, on Signal Mountain, 和 in Hixson. 所有这些地点都与主办教会有很好的合作, but in 1988 all grades were consolidated on the Broad Street campus making the school a K-12 institution with one location.

从1982年到2008年,校园里的建筑随处可见. 几乎每年都有一个新项目开始增加或扩大教室. In the 1980s the industrial 和 practical arts building (now Tim Fordice Industrial 艺术 Building), 中学, 大学体育馆也建好了. The 1990s brought the media center (now Learning Commons); the elementary, 大学体育馆, 和 middle school expansions; the fine arts performance center 和 gallery; the high school practice gym; 和 additional classrooms. In 2002, 增加了午餐亭, 2003-2004年,这所高中再次扩建, 增加课堂, 声乐空间, 还有艺术和舞蹈工作室. 除了建筑, the school exp和ed its course offerings 和 added property (which then amounted to over 50 acres) for playgrounds, 运动场地, 网球场, 娱乐领域, 棒球和垒球的棒球场, 有灯光的足球和足球场, 一个灯火通明的田径综合体, 还有一个越野赛道.


In 2009, 乍得Dirkse 被任命为学校校长. 校园继续扩大,购买额外的17英亩和40英亩,000平方英尺的仓库设施横跨33街,从目前的校园. 2013年秋天, 大卫·斯坦顿·菲尔德 作为一个可容纳3500多名观众的多功能体育场重新开放. 2014-2015年初,重新引入了a 学前教育计划, the construction of a new playground that will be used for many years to come by our 学前教育-5th grade 学生, 以及增加的动力屋, 最先进的力量和调理设施. This facility is designed to accommodate lifetime fitness-oriented physical education, 它配备了齐全的更衣室, 淋浴设施, 公共厕所, 有座位的教室, 教练的办公室, 还有一个提供全方位服务的小卖部.

2017年,澳门金沙手机版发起了蓬勃发展运动, 这是迄今为止规模最大的融资活动,计划筹集7美元.3年800万. 除了为基于需求的经济援助筹集资金, 基本建设项目包括在中学新建一个科学分馆, 学生生活空间包括一个露天凉亭, 一个新的低年级建筑,有STEM教室, 一个新的精灵店 & 咖啡馆,以及美术中心和大学体育馆的翻新. 因为澳门金沙手机版社区的慷慨, 这所学校在两年内实现了活动目标, 在2019年的春天, 为竞选活动增加了最后一年. 蓬勃发展扩大运动资助建设 学习中心, serving older 学生 with more significant disabilities; a commercial kitchen; 和 an indoor athletic facility. 同样在2019年,澳门金沙手机版启动了 国王学院, 这是一所邻里微型学校,位于合作教堂橄榄浸信会教堂内.

自1970年以来, the sustaining force behind the core quality of 澳门金沙手机版 has been its committed 教师 和 工作人员. 从学校的早期开始, 当两名全职教师带领一小群学生时, 直到今天, 当150多名教师带领超过1,320名学生, God’s faithfulness has been most evident in the people he has called here to teach 和 disciple its 学生. 通过他们的牺牲努力,得到了全面的发展, biblically-integrated, 以基督为中心的课程,特别课程和联合课程. Nowhere has the strength of the school been more historically evident than in the quality of relationships that are developed between the teachers 和 学生.

50年后, the growth 和 change at 澳门金沙手机版 has been a clear testimony to God’s faithfulness 和 the sacrificial commitments of parents, 学生, 教师, 工作人员, 政府, 董事会, 以及无数澳门金沙手机版的支持者.